About Us

housesHope House is a ministry of Outpost Fellowship,
a 501(c)(3) devoted to promoting community transformation in urban Houston. It is a small community of 13 houses located at 5511 Crane St. near Houston’s Fifth Ward. Our mission is to promote community transformation in zip code 77026 through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by:

  • Providing transitional housing for people in recovery
  • Planting culturally relevant churches
  • Providing social services to Hope House clients and people in the neighborhood
  • Partnering with local churches, civic organizations, and businesses to improve the neighborhood
  • Developing partnerships between urban and suburban groups who are committed to community transformation in the Kashmere Gardens area

We are often asked, “Why start another recovery ministry in Houston?” That is a fair question. There are a number of wonderful recovery ministries already in Houston, and they do a great job at helping people get clean and sober, as well as find Christ.

However, recovery does not stop with finding salvation in Jesus, or in having a year of sobriety. Statistics show that it takes an addict an average of five years to achieve holistic recovery. By holistic recovery we mean regaining the ability to hold down a job, manage finances, develop and maintain meaningful relationships, and begin to enjoy life.

Earlier stages of recovery require a high level of structure and a low level of personal freedom. In order to grow, the person in recovery will eventually need to have more freedom and less structure. Our program is designed for the people in the latter stages of recovery. It is designed to give clients time to heal, with limited structure and lots of loving community living. Those who are committed to working on their recovery and who follow the guidelines of our 29:11 Program, are most likely to benefit from what Hope House offers.

We also have residents recovering from being victimized by abuse. Single mothers find a place to live with dignity as they recover and prepare themselves for independent living.

Since our mission reaches out into the surrounding neighborhood, we serve clients in the area by providing a variety of family-friendly services such as:

  • Neighborhood festivals that include food, games, and an opportunity for families to gather in a safe place
  • Co-sponsoring the community summer picnic and National Night Out. We partner with the City of Houston and the Northeast Concerned Citizens Civic League.
  • Providing Thanksgiving and Christmas gift baskets for resident clients and members of the community
  • Emergency assistance for neighborhood families

From its inception Hope House has been committed to the restoration of Kashmere Gardens to God’s intended design. We seek to bring reconciliation and wholeness to His people in all facets of life—emotionally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially.

This is the heart of Hope House.