Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Hope House:

What is Hope House?
Hope House is a Christ-centered recovery community located in Kashmere Gardens near Houston’s Fifth Ward. The property also acts as a venue for childen and family services.

Who lives at Hope House?
Our residents are people who want to follow Jesus as they recover from the effects of addiction, abuse and incarceration.

What is the purpose of Hope House?
Our purpose is to promote Christ-centered community transformation by working with local churches, organizations
and residents.

What is expected of residents?
Residents are expected to prepare themselves for independent living. This is done by working, paying their program fee, being active members of local churches, participating in individual and group classes, doing community service, and participating in the Hope House 29:11 Program.

Is Hope House a church?
No. However, we partner with churches and Christian organizations. Our parent organization, Outpost Fellowship, is a member of the Union Baptist Association, as well as the Texas Baptist Convention. Our residents attend local churches including Second Mount Olive MBC, St. Luke MBC, Greater New Hope MBC, and Greater Love MBC.

What Can Hope House do for their local neighborhood?
Hope House serves the community by providing:

  1. A safe place for our clients to heal and grow in community
  2. A partnership  with churches and organizations to uplift the community
  3. A community center for neighborhood activities
  4. Summer lunch programs (beginning Summer 2013)
  5. A safe haven for at-risk children

Who can I contact at Hope House?

Director: Dave Dozier  281.468.0832
Property Manager:
Robert Kennard  832.671.5886