Our History

In October 2008, Outpost Fellowship took over Hope House, a 1.5 acre piece of property in Kashmere Gardens. The property had 13 small cottages and had been severely damaged by Hurricane Ike. Eleven of the cottages were in disrepair and in need of extensive work to make them habitable. At that time we had only one resident. Of the 13 housing units on campus, 10 were uninhabitable.

Volunteers from all around Houston and other cities have donated countless work hours, dollars, and materials to repair the property. Slowly, over four years’ time, nine of the cottages have been repaired and are being used for client services. They are occupied by men and women (some with children) who are in need of a safe place to live as they recover from the maladies of substance abuse, mental disability, and physical disability. Two other cottages are set aside for church services and as a community center for our resident clients.

Today, thanks to donations of many volunteer hours, materials, and finances, we have seen significant growth in our population, as well as marked improvement to the property. Nearly all our units are filled and our residents share a common desire to continue their recovery process and continue to heal.