Kashmere Gardens Fellowship Church

Perhaps the neediest population in the area is the group of at-risk children between the ages of 5 and 15. Most of the children in this age group have only one adult caregiver, are not active in a church, and are prime candidates for dropping out of school, teenage pregnancy, and repeating the cycle of poverty.

Sadly, there is a school dropout rate of more than 20% for these African-American children; 40% of the households are living at or below poverty level; and 48% of the households with children have only one adult in the home. There is also a high level of substance abuse and associated criminal activity in these households.

After months of fasting and prayer, a group of adults stepped out in faith and planted Kashmere Gardens Fellowship Church. Every Sunday we provide van transportation to children who would otherwise not attend church. The children are presented the Gospel message in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant way. They are also taken on field trips designed to expand their horizons and stimulate their young minds. Our goal is to bring the children to faith in Christ and walk with them as they grow to adulthood. It is our prayer that these children will grow into a generation of God-fearing, industrious adults who will play a role in the transformation of their community.

Our church is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who give up every Sunday afternoon to helping the kids of Kashmere Gardens. The “service” consists of praise music, the Lord’s Prayer, Scripture reading, and a relevant teaching with a Powerpoint presentation. The kids are then divided by age into smaller groups for crafts and to discuss the day’s lesson. After snacks and a closing prayer they are delivered back to their homes.

As a result of time spent with these children, relationships are being built. Trust is being built…and young lives are being transformed.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with Kids Church, please contact Dave Dozier at dave@hopehousehouston.org.