Our Neighborhood

Fifty years ago Kashmere Gardens was a quiet, middle-class, African-American community. Today, 40 % of the households live at or below the poverty level and 48% of the households with children have only one adult living with the children. Over 20% of the children in the neighborhood will drop out of school.

This once peaceful neighborhood has been plagued by the urban maladies of drugs, urban flight, and crime. Over time, its people have become the marginalized of society. In the last 50 years, many of the families with generational ties to the area have moved to the suburbs. Many locally-owned businesses have closed, and the churches that held Sunday services of 300-400 people now have 30-40 on a Sunday morning. Many of those who could afford to leave did so. Today’s population is a mix of elderly life-time residents and young, struggling families who are lacking in education, employment, vocational skills, and a stable home life.

We believe transformation of this community begins with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also includes partnering with churches and organizations from around Houston to provide social, educational, and family services. Hope House is leading the charge to rehabilitate the neighborhood and create an environment for its residents to live a life of dignity and hope.

If you would like to join us on this mission, please contact Dave Dozier at dave@hopehousehouston.org.